Baby Pacifier - Animal Styles

Baby Pacifier - Animal Styles

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Tired of your baby's pacifier falling out every half-second? This pacifier and plush toy combo is the perfect fix, making it easy for your baby to hold. They all come with Soothie pacifiers attached in one-piece construction.

Baby hands can be so clumsy, so it’s so much easier for them to hold onto a cuddly stuffed toy than a tiny pacifier. Because the pacifier is attached to a toy, it’s easy to find and grab in the bottom of your purse, the floor of the car, or your bedside table at night. And it’s so cute!

Your baby will not only be soothed by the pacifier itself, but also by the sweet little hug they will be getting from their new stuffed friend.

  •     For children under 6 months (pre-teething)
  •     Hand and machine washable - air dry only.
  •     Weight: 3 oz
  •     One piece construction
  •     Polyethylene


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