Hispanic/English Baby Tooth Box Organizer for Milk teeth

Hispanic/English Baby Tooth Box Organizer for Milk teeth

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Made of 100% quality wood and the box comes in language choice for English or Spanish-speaking families

Corrosion-resistant and durable for long-time tooth storage.

Protect and organizes baby teeth

Helps the parent keep records for each milk tooth

. Makes a great gift for newborn baby or birthday gift

**Every milk  tooth is unique for the baby, because it saves a memento about your kid's growth.** 

Care Instructions

How to handle baby tooth:

Step 1: Replace baby teeth. When the kids get about 6 year old, his/her teeth is getting deciduous. The specific time varies in each case.

Step 2: Keep a good memory. After taking your kid to extract his/her teeth, do not forget keep these cute teeth. Its a piece of memory that shall be cherished for your family in the future!

Step 3: Sterilize the extracted teeth. Put the extracted baby tooth in boiling water for around five minutes. 

Step 4: Air dry teeth. The sterilized teeth shall be put in a place with good ventilation. 

Step 5: Keep a record with all related information. Your child will thank you for it when he's grown!


Material: Wood
Model Number: Teeth Storage case
Product: Baby Tooth Box
Load: baby tooth storage
Specification: 13.5*13.5*4cm
Capacity: Milk teeth Save case
Use: for teeth organizer



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