Used baby bottles can get grimy and germy pretty fast. Any leftover breast milk or formula, for one, can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Furthermore, the moist environment inside the bottle may attract molds. Altogether, they can expose your baby to various illnesses. This is why you should wash and clean bottles after every use. A good-quality baby bottle brush, in particular, can help you get rid of residue and harmful microorganisms.

Any bottle brush, though, will not suffice. Make sure it has reliable bristles and an ergonomic design. Below, we list down some of the best baby bottle cleaning brushes.

The Best Baby Bottle Brushes

Water and soap are often not enough to clean baby bottles and utensils. You will need a special tool that can access and scrub off the residue on every nook and cranny. A baby bottle brush is designed to do precisely that.

Several types of baby bottle brushes exist, each in different sizes and styles. They usually use bristles, although some may also feature a sponge on the brush head for better cleaning coverage. In any case, make sure that the bristles are soft, firm, durable, and scratch-free. These qualities ensure effective cleansing without damaging the surface of the bottles.

A quality bottle brush also needs to be well-designed. A non-slip grip, for one, ensures that you can hold the brush securely even when it is covered in slippery suds. Another useful feature is a bent handle, which allows you to reach various angles better. Preferably, the product should also have a nipple brush or cleaner incorporated into the design.

1. Bottle Brush by Dr. Brown’s

If you want a cheap brush that does the job (and more), then you cannot go wrong with Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush. It can be used on most standard and wide-neck baby bottles and even comes with fixed chevron channels to clean the nipples. The grooved, anti-slip handle makes it easy to grip while the combination sponge and bristle head facilitate thorough cleaning. For convenience, it includes a suction storage clip so you can store the brush near the sink.

2. Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand by OXO Tot

The OXO Tot Bottle Brush is suitable for most bottle sizes and uses two types of bristles for intensive yet gentle cleaning. The flexible neck enables you to crank the brush into your desired direction and to scrub hard-to-reach spots. Another standout feature is the silicone nipple cleaner, which effortlessly gets into the narrowest of spaces. Furthermore, the brush boasts a non-slip grip and includes a comfortable handle to ease the burden on your part. After use, you can keep it within arm’s reach with the included stand.

3. Sponge Bottle Brush by Munchkin

The Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush is outfitted with soft, durable, yet scratch-free nylon bristles for a meticulous scrubbing. On top of that, it comes with a sponge tip so you can swipe across larger spaces with minimal effort. At the base, you will find a soft rubber nipple brush that can access tight spaces, making it ideal for small parts. When not in use, you can let the brush dry upright on the countertop, keeping the damp bristles away from germs and molds.

4. Bottle and Nipple Brush by Philips Avent

The Philips Avent Baby Bottle Brush is perfect if you want a long-lasting product that will not burn a hole in your wallet. It uses firm, high-density bristles and comes with a curved brushed head so you can easily access the bottom of the bottle. The molded handle-tip is ideal for cleaning small parts, such as nipples, sippy cups, and breast pump components. Even better, it promises a deep clean without damaging or scratching the bottles and nipples. Once done, you can hang the brush for rapid drying and convenient storage.

5. Cacti Bottle Cleaning Brush Set by Boon

Who says that bottle brushes have to be boring? This Boon Baby Bottle Brush Set is the way to go if you want cleaning tools that offer a perfect mix of style and function. It includes four cactus-shaped brushes with durable nylon bristles, each of which comes in varying sizes and cleaning applications. The makeshift vase keeps the brushes organized as they dry and also has holes at the bottom to let the water drain. Overall, this adorable brush set can add some zing to your countertop while keeping your baby products spick and span.

Baby Bottle Brushes FAQS

How Do You Clean and Sanitize Baby Bottle Brushes?

All of the baby bottle brushes listed above are dishwasher-safe, so you can just clean them in a dishwasher (usually only on the top rack). Alternatively, you can wash them by hand using hot water and soap. Do consult the manufacturer’s recommendations on the best way to clean the product. To sanitize the brushes, you can boil, steam, or soak them in a bleach solution. Again, the suitable methods often vary from product to product, so make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions.

How Often Should You Replace Baby Bottle Brushes?

Baby bottle brushes are usually replaced every three to four weeks. This is not fixed, though, and will depend on the quality of the brush and how often you use it. At any rate, do toss it away once the bristles start getting bent out of shape, or if it still appears filthy no matter how many times you clean it. The last thing you want is to use contaminated brushes on your baby’s feeding utensils.

High-Quality Baby Bottle Brushes for Healthy Babies

A baby bottle brush is, without a doubt, one of the most essential items in a baby registry. It deeply cleans baby bottles and other feeding accessories, scrubbing away milk remnants and keeping harmful bacteria at bay. Doing so helps safeguard your baby against diseases. Furthermore, it also allows the baby products to maintain their tip-top condition for longer. For best results, make sure to stick only to a high-quality and long-lasting brush with impressive cleaning abilities.