Let’s face it: pregnancy can be challenging. It rings true whether you are a first-time mom or already have multiple kids. You will certainly need all the help you can get to make the process much easier. And if you are having trouble sleeping, the Queen Rose pregnancy pillows are one of your best options.

These pillows are specially created to alleviate the inconveniences associated with pregnancy. It includes back pain, tossing and turning, or just overall discomfort. In turn, they help you have a sound, uninterrupted sleep each night. Queen Rose, in particular, offers high-quality U-shaped pillows for superior head-to-toe support. We list down some of their bestsellers below.

The Best Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillows

Queen Rose is already one of the household names in the realm of pregnancy pillows. Specifically, the brand is widely known (and much-adored) for their luxurious U-shaped maternity pillows. These are available in varying sizes, materials, and sizes to suit your particular needs and preferences.

  Product Material Dimensions Color  
double1 U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow with Velvet Cover Velvet (cover) and polyester (filling) 55 x 31 x 7 inches $44.99 Buy on Amazon
double1 65-Inch U-Shaped Maternity Pillow for Pregnant Women with Velvet Cover Velour (cover) and bionic polyethylene (filling) 65 x 31 x 7 inches $61.19 Buy on Amazon
double1 Two-Sided U-Shaped Cooling Maternity Body Pillow with Cover Cotton (cover) poly-fill (filling) 55 x 31 x 7 inches $49.99 Buy on Amazon

1. U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow with Velvet Cover

A consistent crowd-favorite, the Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow boasts a unique, highly ergonomic design that can send you straight to dreamland. The U-shape conforms to the contours and shape of your pregnant body, while the length enables you to freely stretch out while receiving ample support. More impressively, it even delivers unparalleled relief for back pain, third trimester pain, gastric reflux, and other conditions. At the same time, it eliminates tossing and turning so you can maintain an optimal sleeping position through the night.

When it comes to convenience, this U-shaped pillow earns high marks as well. For one, it does away with the need for several standard pillows. It can also be used for a wide range of positions and activities, including reading in bed and watching the television. Furthermore, it comes with 100% soft velvet that is ultra-cozy, durable, and machine-washable. Meanwhile, the polyester stuffing is easily adjustable and hard-wearing.

Reviewers write that this pregnancy pillow is a “lifesaver.” Pregnant women claim that ithas  significantly improved their sleep quality and even did wonders for their persistent back pain. Other individuals seeking additional support for their bodies also vouch for the pillow’s effectiveness. The only downside is that it could make you feel unpleasantly warm, especially during the hot summer months. You can remedy this problem by taking off your blanket or turning down the air conditioning.

2. 65-Inch U-Shaped Maternity Pillow for Pregnant Women with Velvet Cover

If you are on the taller side or simply want maximum support and comfort, then check out the Queen Rose King Pregnancy Body Pillow. The premium bionic polyethylene filling material provides an optimal density and firmness for all-out body support. Yet, it remains cozy and even conforms to your natural body shape. More importantly, this pillow is long enough so you can stretch out to your heart’s content.

This super-sized pillow is not only cozy but convenient to use as well. The velour cover is soft-to-the-touch and promises zero scratchiness. And, it is machine-washable and also incredibly long-lasting, which means that it can survive repeated washing without fraying or thinning. The cover even includes zipper locks, which allow you to adjust the pillow height with ease.

Customers say that this U-shaped pillow is “highly recommended.” It is extremely roomy and wraps around your body to deliver just the right amount of support. This is why individuals undergoing post-surgery healing have used the pillow with great success. As a bonus, the cover is also soft and snuggly, although reviewers remark that removing it can be a bit of a challenge.

3. Two-Sided U-Shaped Cooling Maternity Body Pillow with Cover

Have you had enough of feeling icky and sweltering hot during sleep? If so, the Queen Rose Cooling Pregnancy Pillow might be your new best friend. It uses poly-fill material as the stuffing, which seamlessly adapts to your body for supreme comfort. At the same time, it also offers excellent support for your ever-changing body while easing pain and aches.

Like the previous Queen Rose products, this pillow is also ultra-convenient and designed to make your life easier. The cotton cover, for instance, is effortless to remove and clean. All you have to do is toss it in the washing machine. While designed for side sleeping, it can also be used for other activities, including nursing, reading, or just chilling around.

Moms-to-be claim that this U-shaped pillow is cool to the touch and does not cause heat to build up at night. They also confirm that the cover is a breeze to clean and holds well over time. The pillow, however, tends to be bulky, so make sure that you have enough room to spare on your bed.

Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillows FAQs

Do You Need U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows?

U-shaped pregnancy pillows may be incredibly useful, but not everyone needs them. Likewise, they may not be suitable for everyone. If you have a small bed and sleep with your partner, for instance, they may not be a viable option. But aside from space constraints, nothing is stopping you from using U-shaped pillows. Whether you are pregnant or not, you can rest assured that they will deliver total body support and help you sleep better each night.

This uniquely-shaped pillow, however, is particularly useful if you have been sleeping on your back or stomach your entire life. That is because the design makes it easier for you to transition to a side sleeping position – which is the safest position during pregnancy. More importantly, U-shaped pillows help you maintain that ideal position throughout the night – without pain or discomfort.

How Do You Use Queen Rose Full Pregnancy Pillows?

Queen Rose U-shaped pregnancy pillows are fairly easy to use. Start by setting your pillow on the bed so that it resembles an inverse U. Rest your head on top of the pillow and slip your body in the available space. Turn to your desired sleeping position – ideally your left side. Feel free to slide your arm under the pillow and to place the lower part in between your knees.

Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillows for a Superior Sleeping Experience

Pregnancy, while exciting, can be difficult – but it does not have to be. Fortunately, several products can streamline the experience and make it more enjoyable – and that includes pregnancy pillows. Several manufacturers exist in the market, but you can never go wrong with Queen Rose. With their premium U-shaped pregnancy pillows, you can finally have the sleep you have always been yearning for.