During toddlerhood, your child will start engaging in imaginative and pretend play. Appeal to their creative side by getting a toddler bed tent. This type of bed comes in a wide array of designs, styles, colors, and sizes. One thing, though, is common: a cozy tent that provides kids a safe, comfortable nook for sleep or play. At the same time, it also helps activate their imagination.

Whether you are hunting for your child’s first big-kid bed or just want to add some exciting twist to bedtimes, we’ve got you covered. Here, we discuss some of the best toddler bed tents and accessories for the most inventive tots.

The Best Toddler Bed Tents

There is something about tents and forts that never fail to attract little kids. It could be due to a sense of security – the feeling that they are safely nestled in their own tiny space. Or, maybe the fact that they are enclosed and seemingly away from the outside world lets their imagination run even wilder. Quite possibly, it also fuels their “big-kid independence.”

Whatever the reason, you want to make sure that the tent is safe, especially if it will be used during nap and bedtimes. More importantly, the bed frame itself needs to be sturdy, stable, and packed with safety features.

  Product Capacity Material Dimensions Price    
double1 Toddler Tent Bed, Disney Mickey Mouse by Delta Children Safe up to 50 pounds Steel frame and plastic construction 54 x 29 x 37 inches Starts at $89.99   Buy on Amazon
double1 Oates Lofted Bed with Slide and Tent Army by Coaster Home Furnishings Safe up to 400 pounds Metal 115 x 100 x 50 inches $625.99   Buy on Amazon
double1 Twin Louvered Low Loft Bed By Donco Kids Safe up to 160 pounds Pine 78 x 42 x 44 inches Starts at $376.00   Buy on Amazon

1. Toddler Tent Bed, Disney Mickey Mouse by Delta Children

  • Retail Price: Starts at $89.99 (Click here to save up to 11%)
  • Capacity: Safe up to 50 pounds
  • Material: Steel frame and plastic construction
  • Dimensions: 54 x 29 x 37 inches

The Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler Tent Bed is perfect for little boys and girls who love the classic cartoon character. Made of durable steel frame and high-quality plastic construction, the bed comes with a bright-colored, removable tent decorated with Mickey Mouse and the rest of the gang. The tent bed is completely open on the head and footboards area for ventilation, and even includes mesh windows for added breathability. There are also two rollable doors for an easy way in and out.

Owners say that the bed is easy to assemble and extremely sturdy. But, they also remark that the tent can be flimsy, so it might not be suitable for roughhousing and overactive toddlers.

2. Oates Lofted Bed with Slide and Tent Army by Coaster Home Furnishings

Is your child obsessed with soldiers or anything military-related? If so, you will never go wrong with the Oates Lofted Bed with Slide and Tent Army. Made using metal and fabric, the loft bed includes a built-in ladder, slide, and tent – all rendered in an electrifying army green shade. And, the surprisingly roomy under-bed area helps encourage imaginative play even further.

While this toddler bed with tent and slide is designed for kids older than six years of age, customers have found it safe enough for three-year-olds. In other words,it is suitable for older toddlers who are about to transition to a regular bed. If your little one is still too young, you may set up a sleeping cot on the tent area until they are tall and coordinated enough to climb up and down the ladder.

3. Twin Louvered Low Loft Bed By Donco Kids

The Twin Louvered Low Loft Bed is perfect if you want a trendy space-saving solution. Built using pine wood and with a gorgeous antique finish, this bed can effortlessly blend in a wide range of decor styles. For a loft bed, it is low enough that even two-year-olds could safely access the top bunk. It also offers ample space underneath the bed for storage, with the fabric tent easily concealing the contents. This way, the room can appear spick and span at all times. Alternatively, the under-bed area can serve as a playroom or a secret hideout.

Reviewers write that this toddler bed with a tent is a breeze to put together. Once assembled, parents claim that it is incredibly sturdy.

The Best Bed Tents for Toddler Beds

If your little one already has a big-kid bed, then there is no need to buy a new toddler tent bed. A simple fix is to use a bed tent cover – or to top the beloved toddler bed with a tent or even a canopy. That is more than enough to make bedtimes more thrilling. Another option is to buy a separate tent, which can then be used for playing or simply lounging around.

1. Kids Teepee Tent with Fairy Lights by TazzToys

Beautifully crafted and child-safe, the Teepee Tent with Fairy Lights is designed to give little kids a safe, cozy area where their imaginations could freely run amok. Made with 100% cotton, it features two windows with curtains and a closing front flap to keep the space well-ventilated, as well as provide a touch of privacy. Best of all, the tent is easily customizable using paint and other craft materials.

2. Mosquito Net Canopy Bed Curtains Dome by NYDECOR

This dreamy bed tent canopy for toddlers is here to make every child feel like royalty. Available in four tasteful shades, the sheer canopy bed curtains are breathable, ultra-soft, and bedecked with glittering stars or butterflies. Aside from protecting your little one against mosquitoes, it is also a decorative piece that will brighten up even the dullest of rooms. On top of that, it creates a warm, comfortable sleeping environment while stimulating the imagination.

3. Kids Tree House Bed Tent Playhouse by Pacific Play Tents

The Kids Tree House Bed Tent features colorful, finely-detailed graphics and comes with mesh panels for ventilation and effortless viewing. It is also pretty versatile and can be used on or off the bed. For example, you can simply place a twin mattress inside to turn it into a temporary sleeping area, making it ideal for toddlers transitioning to a bigger bed. Even better, you can directly use it on a twin bed, transforming their ordinary bed into a private play tent.

Toddler Bed Tents for Better Sleep and Enhanced Imagination

Getting toddlers to sleep is no easy feat. Most likely, they will resist bedtimes and naps. And if they recently moved to a new bed, they might resist climbing onto it entirely. The solution is to appeal to their adventurous side and engage their imaginative faculties. One way of doing this is by buying a toddler bed tent. If your kid already has a big-kid bed, the alternative is to furnish it with a bed tent or a canopy. Now, your little one will be more than eager to finally go to sleep and have those vivid, adventure-filled dreams.