Tips for The Best Wedding Party That Increase Enjoyment to The Next Level

Many bridal couples want an unforgettable wedding party at the end of their wedding day. What is the secret of a great party? How can you prepare for it and how can you achieve this goal? What tips should you follow? Can you do something in advance when planning a good wedding party?

In this article, I want to give you answers to these questions. Tips on which factors and aspects are important for a good wedding celebration can be found in this guide. Make sure to always find a celebrant who knows how to add value to your party.

What can a bride and groom do for a good wedding party on the wedding day?

It has been planned for a long time, everything has been thought through and prepared so far. Now is the day.

There are many things you cannot change on the wedding day. Trust your service providers and relax. The most important thing is …

Your party attitude

At the wedding, the bride and groom are always in the foreground. You are the crowd puller. Your guests will mirror you. If you enjoy the day, so will your guests too. If you are on the dance floor and make the floor glow, your guests will do the same with you.


Communicate your expectations of your guests and friends. If you want to celebrate, tell your guests that too. For example, in the welcome speech – “We are looking forward to a great party with you”. Your guests can then get in the mood for it.

Tip: No long speeches! Keep it short and sweet! Get to the point! A speech should not last more than 7 minutes.

At some point, the time will come when the older guests in particular want to slowly leave the wedding party and say goodbye. This can be a long process. If you only take 5 minutes per guest and say goodbye to 10 guests, it is already 50 minutes. 50 minutes that you are missing as a bride and groom on the dance floor. Farewells are important, so keep it short and warm. Then quickly hit the dance floor and party again!

Wedding dress and veil

A beautiful wedding dress in which the bride shines is an eye-catcher and makes hearts beat faster. At the same time, a wedding dress is not necessarily the most comfortable party outfit like a business casual slim fit shirt. Do you feel comfortable in your wedding outfit and can you celebrate with it? Think in advance when, for example, the veil will be removed.

How do you plan a good wedding party?

If you value a good party, then consider the following points when preparing and planning the wedding:

1. Good DJ

The DJ can contribute a large part to the party atmosphere with his experience and music selection. A good wedding doctor will help you plan and prepare the wedding in advance. Due to the diversity of tastes, weddings are a special discipline and challenge for DJs. So make sure that it is an experienced wedding doctor. This is more than important for a good wedding party. An experienced wedding DJ is familiar with wedding situations and can react accordingly by choosing good music.

Tip: Make sure to get to know the DJ in advance and discuss all wishes/expectations.

2. Live music

With live music, you can give the wedding party an individual touch and spice up the celebration. There are many possibilities: Live singer, sax or, for example, percussion will make your celebration unique. The coordination between the artists and the DJ is important so that there are no breaks in coordination.

3. Cozy dance floor

A dance floor on which you feel good is the alpha and omega. It shouldn’t be too big. When planning your planning, do not base your planning on the number of guests, but on the actual number of people willing to party. As a rule, children and older guests tend to dance less.

Tip: do not offer seating in the immediate vicinity of the dance floor.

Chairs, tables, or a comfortable couch are meant nicely. If you want to celebrate a dance party at your wedding, you shouldn’t seduce your guests with addiction opportunities. Try to encourage your wedding guests to dance and not to sit.

4. Professional moderation

A professional moderator has the experience to animate the guests at the wedding celebration. He ensures that the celebration runs smoothly. A good moderator eliminates the stress of the bride and groom so that you can concentrate fully on the partying.

5. Ambience/atmosphere

Without a party atmosphere – no wedding party. This is often easier said than done. Many factors influence a great party atmosphere …


Not every good wedding location is also a good party wedding location. Unfortunately, I’ve already had some negative experiences – problems with neighbors, noise protection, etc. are unfortunately not uncommon. My tips for wedding locations. can be found here. Often inconspicuous things play an important role during the party.


You can strongly influence mood with light. Your DJ and the location staff should coordinate and help you create a great atmosphere. e.g. to generate ambient light, candles, etc.


Shouldn’t be far from the dance floor. Because if you dance well and a lot, you shouldn’t dehydrate 🙂

6. planning

Good planning is the be-all and end-all, the basis for a good wedding party. Most mistakes can be avoided in advance. You can’t say – always do this and that and it will be bombastic. The daily routines are too different for that. Long periods of time in which nothing happens are not an advantage. An experienced wedding planner or moderator will help you with the preparation. Here are some tips:


Talking at the wrong time can kill a party. So my tip – when there is dancing, no speeches.


Make sure that the flow of the party is interrupted as little as possible. Wedding newspaper, dance performances, and sketches should be completed by this time. Don’t chase your dancing guests off the dance floor.


Games can be a party killer. Wrong games at the wrong time will definitely surrender the mood to the basement. Games shouldn’t interrupt the dancing.


If the children are well looked after, the parents are relaxed. And can party with you guys! You can ask friends or hire a professional for children’s animation, face painting, or the like.

Comfortable shoes

Last but not least. Think about your feet in advance (and nothing until you can no longer walk or dance)! At the end of a long wedding day, feet get tired. Comfortable shoes are a blessing then.

DJ tip: Games are only appropriate if the guests are not in a good party mood.

7. Make memories unforgettable

Which moments would you like to have photographed? Many bridal couples automatically think of the bridal couple shoot when asked this question. Unfortunately, I often experience that the photographer is no longer there at the wedding dance. I think it’s a shame because that is also a great moment that you would like to remember later. Discuss with your photographer how long he’ll be there. He doesn’t necessarily have to stay there until 3 a.m., but you don’t have to stay without party pictures either.

Tip: have the party professionally photographed/filmed by a photographer or videographer.

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